public lecture

Rachel Carson and the Perils of Simplicity

Programme of events | Papers by Rob Nixon, Lesley Green, Julia Martin, Frank Matose, Andre Goodrich, Hedley Twidle.

What is the legacy of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring? The Eco-Audit with Leo Hickmann. Valuable drawing together of online responses to the 50th anniversary at The Guardian website.

You smiled when I suggested that medicine could ever be scientific, but one of the things I appreciate in you, and one of the things I mean by ‘scientific’, is your awareness of what is not known and your unwillingness to rush in with procedures that may disrupt that unknown but all-important ecology of the body cells.  I appreciate, too, your having enough respect for my mentality and emotional stability to discuss this all frankly with me.

Rachel Carson to her doctor George Crile in 1960.