main road

A Touch of Madness - A Walk to Valkenberg and Oude Molen (March 2004)

I set out on the morning after a night of heavy rain, election posters limp, with colours fading now, after the event. The ANC gained almost 70 % of the national vote, making big advances in the Western Cape. Marthinus looking more than usually hapless.

The pavements have been washed clean of dogshit, but the rain has done no good to the slightly rusted cars parked on the pavements. My housemate’s red Passat only just spluttered into existence this morning. I notice many have decals on the windows or logos painted on the side doors advertising the small businesses of their owners: INNER CITY PAINTBALL, AERIAL PHOTO’S or in some cases just HIRE THIS TRAILER TODAY.

Down the Observatory Road; people doing Tai Chi on the sodden cricket field. People washing cars, fixing them, or at least that’s what I hope the man fiddling with wires under the steering wheel is doing. Devil’s Peak becomes more imposing as you cross the railway line, given sufficient distance and an unobstructed skyline.

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Main Road logbooks - St Peter's Square (March 2004)

The St Peter’s Square shopping mall is one of the very worst, sited in the middle of an old Muslim cemetery. Below the SPUR’s neon signage is a memorial garden for all the graves exhumed for the building of this centre (and its generous carpark). In the middle is a black cube five [?] metres across inscribed with the names of those individuals moved from their final resting place; thousand of names, like a war memorial, economical in terms of space, the rock polished and glinting in the sun.

“I often do geopathic clearings on shopping centres, business parks, big developments like that,” my housemate the psychic healer told me, “And you can often sense when you walk into a big mall that something bad happened there. People’s graves were dug up, their land taken away, something like that.”

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