Beyond Rivalry: Fact | Fiction, Literature | History

Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies.Special issue on literary non-fiction in South Africa | Vol. 13:1-2 (2012).

Introduction by Rita Barnard.

‘In a Country Where You Couldn’t Make this Shit Up? Literary non-fiction in South Africa.’

The countryside clattered with the noise of its cruel politics, each new scene a micro-world of stubborn memories and pernicious games. I remembered my trip through the plantations with Jude Fowler. I had remarked on their beauty, he on their ugliness. I was looking at the blend of colours, as an outsider does; he understood things by their history and their function. For a brief moment as I drove back to the Benfield farm, I imbibed the landscape as a native does; everything marked by a thousand particulars; the history of power and people engraved in every mutation.

Jonny Steinberg, Midlands, (2002).